View an Active Volcano A day trip to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a popular day trip to enjoy when visiting the state. Kilauea continues to erupt, first starting in 1983 with its current cycle. You can see gas plumes rise to the sky during the day, but a nighttime excursion is the best. LEARN MORE

Best Food You Can Make in Hawaii on Vacation

Trying to experience Hawaii on a tight budget can make some travel advisors laugh. Between the cost of a hotel, dining, and different excursions, this vacation for a family of four is about double the cost of a trip to Disneyland.

When you know the best foods you can make along the way, that knowledge can save you even more. Here’s how to cook while you enjoy a Hawaiian vacation.

BEST BEACH Activities to Enjoy

Best Way to Enjoy a Beach Day

Whether you have one day to enjoy on Oahu or several, spending a day at the beach is an essential activity. The combination of warm sands, calm waters, and gentle sunshine makes island life here grand.

Here’s what you need to know about this destination for your beach day.

Take A
The Wa’ahila Ridge State Recreation Area lets you enjoy some wildland trails and picnicking underneath Cook pine trees. When you reach the top of the forested ridge, an impressive display of the Palolo and Manoa valleys opens up for you to see. The reserve also provides some challenging trails for the entire family to enjoy. LEARN MORE

Best Foods to Try in Hawaii

It’s been said that eating your way across Honolulu is fun, but it is always better to do it with some company. Whether that means you take an adventurous friend or your family along for the ride is up to you!

When you stay on the islands for a few days, these dishes are the ones that you’ll want to try. It’s the best way to get a taste of Hawaiian life!

Best Cheap Eats to Enjoy in Honolulu
How to Eat Like a Local in Hawaii
What Is the Origin of Pickled Mangoes?

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You haven’t experienced culinary bliss until you’ve had your first pickled mangoes.

A mango pickle can be a flavor foundation for a variety of different culinary styles. Commercially canned products tend to be a bit spicy with overt tones of vinegar. When you get them from India, you get some mustard flavors and hot spices.

You can serve pickled mangoes over rice, place them in hot sauces, or eat them straight from the jar!

When you make them Hawaiian-style, you can find them a little sweet and a little sour. The secret to a successful recipe is to use sliced green mango, a preferred vinegar, and natural sweetness (or bitter tones) that create red coloration to avoid using artificial food coloring if you don’t want them clear. You can use a little il hing mui if you prefer.

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