Best Shoreline Activities That Aren’t the Beach

Best Shoreline Activities That Aren’t the Beach

People visit Honolulu and Hawaii to see the island’s monuments, enjoy the volcanoes, and spend time at the beach. This destination is a paradise for anyone who loves outdoor activities like hiking, diving, surfing, snorkeling, and more.

One constant that you’ll discover during your stay in Honolulu is that the beaches are almost always packed. The allure here is so potent that even when COVID-19 shutdowns prevented access, people still went to the shore, despite the fines they received, because it is so beautiful!

If you want to avoid the busy crowds during your stay in the city, why not try these activities that take you to the waterfront, but away from the beach?

1. Waikiki Aquarium

You can take a short walk through the exhibits here in the air conditioning to see local marine life. The seahorse exhibit tends to be the most popular, and you are also within walking distance of Waikiki Beach. A living reef is on the premises, along with a “hunters” display that shows the predators that swim around the islands.

2. Diamond Head State Monument

Trails take you to the summit of this volcano tuff cone that overlooks the ocean. You can also explore the former fort in the area. The trails get busy quickly, especially later in the day, so plan to arrive early for the best experience. When you look down, the neighboring beach tends to sparkle in the sun. This eventhappens because of the calcite crystals in the sand, but the first soldiers to visit the islands thought that they were diamonds.

3. KCC Farmers’ Market

You can visit this market to find food, flowers, and produce vendors every Saturday and Tuesday when it is allowed to operate. Dozens of local businesses offer access to tasty treats, ranging from honey to abalone. It helps to bring a cooler with you, especially one that has wheels. Bringing home some papayas and mangoes can get heavy quickly! Purchase seasonal items during your stay for the best experience. Come early if you want the first selection.

4. Honolulu Zoo

This 42-acre spread is a popular destination for families in Honolulu. It features over 900 different animals, a petting zoo, and plenty of lush gardens to enjoy. Because it gets hot here in the city, the best time to visit is in the early morning when everything is more active. It helps to bring a hat. Be prepared for ongoing mask requirements – especially when visiting the monkeys.

5. Honolulu Museum of Art

You can find over 50,000 different pieces on display in this impressive building in the heart of the city. Exhibits explore the unique cultures of the world and their take on art, weaving you through different times and civilizations while exploring human ingenuity. It is a family-friendly destination with an on-site café and an extensive outdoor area to explore. The hours can be variable, so check the museum’s website before planning an excursion.

Honolulu is a city of many experiences. When you aren’t feeling like a trip to the beach, consider stopping at one of these incredible destinations!

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