Best Way to Enjoy a Beach Day in Honolulu

Best Way to Enjoy a Beach Day in Honolulu

Whether you have one day to enjoy on Oahu or several, spending a day at the beach is an essential activity. The combination of warm sands, calm waters, and gentle sunshine makes island life here grand.

When planning the quintessential beach day during your time in Honolulu, Lanikai Beach must be a priority. It often makes the list of the best beaches in the world, which means it offers an exceptional experience.

It’s one of the few places where you can see locals mixing with tourists without any hesitation. When you see the Mokulua Islands in the distance, the crystal waters, and all of the activities you can enjoy, you’ll now that you’ve found perfection.

Here’s what you need to know about this destination for your beach day.

Best Advice for a Day on Lanikai Beach

1. There is no better place to watch the sunrise during your stay in Honolulu than Lanikai Beach. Although any coastal area can offer a beautiful experience, the combination of natural wonders at this destination makes it stand out.

2. Rent kayaks that you can launch in the waters around Lanikai Beach. The best place is Kaulua, which lets you paddle out to the area. If you’re feeling brave, try heading out to Moku Nui to enjoy an entire day of exploring.

3. Don’t forget to bring a comfortable pair of shoes for your beach day. The Pillbox Trail is near Lanikai Beach, providing you access with some stunning views. This hike may only be about 30 minutes in length, but it is a steep incline you must navigate before reaching the first lookout point. It is more challenging than what you’ll find at Diamond Head.

4. Lanikai Beach is part of a residential neighborhood, so it is not set up for tourism. Parking is on the street, which means you need to be considerate of individual needs before leaving your vehicle. Even then, the area has limited supports, so try to arrive before 9 AM to have the best experience.

5. This destination is one of the few on the island that don’t offer shade trees. The sands are always exposed to the sun, making the ground warm up quickly beneath your feet. There isn’t any wheelchair access or lifeguards in this area, but you can head down the road to Kailua Beach if needed.

6. Bring a beach chair if you plan to spend more than an hour along the shore. It helps to have an umbrella along for shade. Sunscreen is essential if you don’t want to get burned. You won’t find any places for water or snacks within walking distance, so come prepared with everything you want to spend the day at Lanikai Beach.

Honolulu is filled with many charming “pocket destinations” that let you find a magical moment of peace and tranquility. When you want to plan the perfect day at the beach, you’ll discover that Lanikai Beach must be on your itinerary.

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