How to Paint the Perfect Hawaiian Sunset

How to Paint the Perfect Hawaiian Sunset

Hawaii is famous for its sunsets. Most resorts in Honolulu and throughout the state, offer luaus and other social gatherings because of how spectacular the natural experience can be.

You can find locals and tourists alike pulling out their phones to take pictures of the beautiful sky.

One of the benefits you receive when living like a local during your time in Honolulu is the freedom to explore your creative talents. Instead of taking photographs of the incredible sunsets you can see here, why not try to paint it instead?

You’ll need a canvas, paint, a palette, three brushes (large/flat, medium/pointed, small/fine), water, pencils, a toothpick, and a spray sealant if you choose to preserve your masterpiece. The colors you select should be white, black, purple, pink, orange, and yellow.

Steps to Follow When Painting a Hawaiian Sunset

1. Draw faint lines about one-third of the way from the bottom of the canvas. This separation is your horizon line. Start with yellow paint, covering the middle third of the area with this color. Keep your brushstrokes as consistent as possible.

2. Fan out the color until it won’t spread out more up or down.

3. Add more colors after the yellow paint dries. Place some orange in the upper third in the same way, blending it some to ensure you have some consistency.

4. Once the orange paint dries, follow with the pink in the same way. Keep adding as many coats of color as needed to blend in each area. As you move upward, remember to keep a small bit of white available to embrace the night sky.

5. Add purple to the top of the canvas to create the twilight region. Since it is a darker color, take care not to blend it too much into the other hues.

6. Blend thin layers into each color to remove any tone lines that develop from your brushstrokes. Avoid using thick paint whenever possible because the results will not be as lovely.

7. Add in the profile you prefer from Hawaii. Many artists choose mountains or volcanoes because they offer a dramatic landscape to add to a sunset painting. Use black paint to outline this area. Keep the lowest point of your peaks to the horizon line you drew – and don’t be afraid to be creative!

8. Fill in the mountain profile so that it is quite dark. It may take 2-3 coats of black paint for it to look realistic. Then add in a layer of foreground mountains that you’ll paint an even darker color.

9. As a final touch, the white paint can be used to create stars if you wish. You could also layer a deeper purple hue or use black traces to add definition to the sky.

Painting a sunset in Hawaii can be a unique way to remember your time in Honolulu. Gather your supplies, follow these steps, and you can have a lot of fun embracing your creative side during your time on the islands.

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