Dishes You Must Try When Staying in Hawaii

Dishes You Must Try When Staying in Hawaii

Hawaii might have incredible weather, beautiful beaches, and chances to swim with dolphins, but the real attraction is the food.

You know about the plate lunch. You may have been brave and put beans on top of your shaved ice. Have you tried these other quintessential dishes during a previous trip to the island?

1. Spam Musubi

People on the mainland go to 7-11 for cheap pizza, a couple of taquitos, and some energy drinks. When you visit this convenience store chain in Hawaii, you must grab this dish. The combination of fried spam, seaweed, and rice could arguably be called the best snack that you’ll ever try when visiting the islands.

2. Manapua

These pillowy buns feel like something closer to a dumpling at first sight, but one bite will change your mind! You can try them baked or steamed, with passionate opinions here on both sides of that debate. They can be a dinner item, a dessert, or a snack based on the filling. Try one with char siu to get those taste buds tingling.

3. Loco Moco

Another way to describe this dish may be to call it “Hawaiian Poutine.” You get the rice on the bottom, a hamburger patty on top of that, and a fried egg. Douse everything with brown gravy to enjoy this flavorful item. It might be high in carbs and calories, but that’s what all of the hiking is for around Oahu, right?

4. Acai Bowls

Although this dish isn’t technically Hawaiian, it might as well be these days with how prevalent it is around the state. Grab a bowl of a thick acai berry blend, top it with granola, honey, and your favorite fruit, and you’ve got an instant meal. Many providers use a tall glass to serve this dish so that it is easier to take on a hike. If you prefer to avoid the toppings, a smoothie with the same ingredients is a viable alternative.

5. Kona Coffee

Okay – it’s not technically a “dish,” but it is one of the most prized items that come from Hawaii. The clean flavors with complex earth tones and richness create a distinctive profile that creates an active addiction. You can find it at most coffee stores in Honolulu or a grocer if you want to make some where you’re staying.

6. Hula Pie

You could spend a fortune on this dessert at Duke’s Waikiki, so why not make it yourself? You need a giant scoop of macadamia nut ice cream, a cookie crust, and chocolate fudge to drizzle all offer. Add some chopped nuts and a pile of whipped cream to finish the profile. You can try this option with any ice cream flavor to explore different options.

7. Oxtail Soup

This dish is the equivalent to chicken noodle soup on the mainland. It provides a blend of cultural flavors that take three hours to develop in a broth of Chinese herbs. A little ginger and shoyu create an incredible outcome.

What dishes do you hope to try when you visit Honolulu?

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