How to Save Money on Groceries in Honolulu

How to Save Money on Groceries in Honolulu

It would be fair to say that the cost of groceries in Honolulu is a little higher than what you’d expect in other American cities. Sticker shock is the first step of cultural adaptation when moving here permanently.

The cost of food can even weigh heavily on some vacationers who try to save money. Some items may cost twice as much – or more – than what they do at home.

These tips can help you to find high-quality groceries at affordable prices so that you can maximize your time on Oahu.

Best Grocery Store Shopping Tips in Oahu

Look for Weekly Deals Online

Take your shopping list to the store before leaving. Searching online for deals at stores in Hawaii can help you to score some significant discounts. If you don’t have a Costco membership, brands like Safeway and Foodland can help you take advantage of some savings.

Shop at Big Box Stores

Honolulu has a Walmart that can help you to grab some food at a reasonable price. Shop smartly here by focusing on local providers and in-season goods that don’t need to come from the mainland or other countries.

Use Loyalty Programs

Most grocery stores on Oahu have a loyalty program that gives access to exclusive discounts and deals. Some have apps that enable you to choose the items you want, with the lower price automatically applied when checking out. Safeway often has free items and promotional goods that extend the reach of your spending significantly.

Visit the Roadside Stands

Farmer’s markets and roadside stands are the heroes of Hawaii’s culinary scene. You can usually find better deals on fish, fresh fruit, and some vegetables. Bananas, mangoes, and papayas are often available for great deals.

Bring a Reusable Water Bottle

Bottled water in Honolulu is surprisingly expensive. What you can get from the tap is sometimes better than what you’d get at the store. Saving money this way can help you to afford some of the luxury items you want in Honolulu, especially if you plan to enjoy a hiking vacation.

Be Ready to Substitute

Lack of availability frequently happens in Honolulu for some essential items. Mainland stores can often stock everything without any concern for supply chain shortages. The shipping time to bring goods to Oahu is a different story, which means most Hawaiians end up buying something they’d never consider. It’s a fantastic way to keep costs down.

Shop the Discount Aisle

Avoid buying items at the grocery store that get stocked in the middle of each shelf. These items have the highest cost. Look at the top or the bottom instead. Most grocers have a clearance section tucked somewhere that offers significant markdowns. You can even ask what might be in the back, but not on display to get a bigger discount.

Saving money on groceries takes a little work, but it is an effort that could extend the length of your vacation because of how much you save. Follow these tips during your stay to enjoy great food at affordable pricing!

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