Best Beach Activities to Enjoy in Honolulu

Best Beach Activities to Enjoy in Honolulu

Life on Oahu involves a lot of time at the beach. Most people are only a few minutes away from the ocean from where they live, making it the perfect destination for year-round recreation.

Several activities are available at many of Honolulu’s best beaches. You can bring a floatie to enjoy a swim, lay out on a chair to get some sun, or bring a book to read while enjoying the weather. Many couples hold hands as they stroll along the surf.

That’s what makes the beaches in Honolulu so enjoyable. You get to choose your own adventure!

Here are some of the best beach activities you can enjoy during your stay in the city.

Parasailing Above Waikiki

You can enjoy an aerial view of Waikiki Beach and Honolulu while flying high behind a boat. You can take single or double trips to enjoy the mountain vistas and open ocean from a different perspective. Basic and extreme flights are available, based on your ability to manage vertigo. Once the chute fills with air, you’re off to enjoy a wild ride!

Catamaran Sunset Cruises

Taking a catamaran into the water to enjoy a sunset gets you away from the tourist traffic. You’ll have a spacious boat to explore, beautiful views of Oahu, and a chance to sip your favorite beverage from the open bar. It’s the perfect chance to meet new friends, have a fantastic time, and enjoy the natural colors in the sky.

Embrace the Aloha Spirit

Several beaches in Honolulu and around Oahu provide a traditional luau to enjoy. Several games, crafts, and competitions are part of the experience, with music and dancing always part of the fun. Some providers offer fire-throwing or knife twirling as part of the show. These events last for several hours, but you’ll leave full thanks to the slow-roasted Kalua pork and all-you-can-eat buffet.

Cage Swims With Sharks

Some offshore providers give you diving equipment and a protective cage so that you can take a swim with Oahu’s favorite predator. Sightings are guaranteed, or you get your money back. Most trips let you see Sandbar or Galapagos, but other species are out there to find throughout the year. You can also spot spinner dolphins, tuna, barracuda, and different marine life. If you visit Honolulu from January to March, humpback whales can sometimes be seen.

Turtle Snorkeling and Island Tours

This fun activity gives you incredible views of the eastern end of the island and Diamond Head. Some providers a full-circle tour of Oahu as part of the experience, but the highlight of the day involves snorkeling with the stunning Green Sea turtles found here. High surf conditions happen in the winter, and some providers don’t offer guarantees to see wildlife because of this issue.

Going to the beach on Oahu involves whatever definition of fun you prefer. When you’re ready to let loose on an incredible adventure during your time in Honolulu, choose one of these activities to get the blood pumping!

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