Outdoor Experiences to Try When Visiting Hawaii

Outdoor Experiences to Try When Visiting Hawaii

Honolulu and Oahu are only one stop on a journey through Hawaii when you take a vacation or holiday here. Although you can plan an exciting trip around where you stay and leave happy, some people prefer to see the entire state through various day trips and excursions.

When you want to have the best outdoor experiences, try these opportunities when you visit the islands.

Explore the Drive to Hana

Maui offers a popular road trip that takes you from the northeast side of the island to a small village. The scenic coastline is stunning, with waterfall spotting opportunities available the entire way. It is a slow, winding trip with several one-lane bridges adding to the charm of the experience. Some rental agencies don’t permit you to drive this way, so check with the provider to avoid unnecessary fees.

Walk the Kapalua Coastal Trail

This casual excursion begins near the Ritz-Carlton in Kapalua. It takes you through numerous panoramic views of Hawaii’s coastline, offering about a mile of opportunities to take Instagram-worthy pictures. A dirt track, some rocky areas, and wooden boardwalks make up the bulk of the surfaces you’ll traverse.

View an Active Volcano

A day trip to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a popular day trip to enjoy when visiting the state. Kilauea continues to erupt, first starting in 1983 with its current cycle. You can see gas plumes rise to the sky during the day, but a nighttime excursion is the best. The evening allows you to see the orange glow coming from the lava below.

Find the Black Sand Beach

About 45 minutes south of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is Punalu’u Beach. It is a rare black sand option where the material is coarse and hot most days. You’ll need sandals to protect your feet when exploring. Palm trees line the area, while sea turtles come by to visit occasionally. It’s rustic enough to drive some tourists away, giving you some elbow room to enjoy Hawaii at a pace you prefer.

Go Waterfall Hunting

Every island provides the potential for waterfalls. Rainbow Falls is a popular option a couple of miles outside of Hilo since the light refracts there almost invariably to create a bow. Akaka Falls is another choice, as is Kahuna Falls if you are in the area. Several tour providers can guide you to these destinations, or you can choose to navigate the trail alone. It’s a lot of fun either way!

Linger Along the Napali Coast

Kauai provides rugged landscapes that come from the natural aging process. It’s the northernmost and oldest of Hawaii’s islands, providing several day trip opportunities to find beaches or waterfalls. If you decide to wander Ha’ena State Park, reservations are necessary since visitor numbers are capped daily.

Honolulu offers a series of adventures for you to enjoy every day. When the rest of Hawaii calls to your heart, consider adding one of these stops to your itinerary to plan the perfect getaway.

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